Items to be shipped in

  • At our distributors’ warehouse
  • Item will be reserved for you at the warehouse
  • Item will be added to our next shipment
  • Occasionally it takes several days to build an order for free shipping.
  • Typically it takes 3-7 business days to ship in.
  • As soon as it ships in we’ll call so that you can pick it up.

In Stock Items

  • is shown on the item.
  • We physically have the item in the store.
  • We’ll receive a notification that you’ve placed the order.
  • After we pick the item we’ll call when it’s ready for pickup.
  • Incorrect quantity and pricing is bound to happen, so we have to reserve the right to cancel any orders, sorry!
  • Two places to look for in store items. Either under the normal categories or the categories under the In-Store menu.